Чемпионат мира WSA 2012

Race announcement


Date: 23. – 26.02.2012
Location: Zuberec / Slovakia
Race Rules: WSA-Racerules, version 2.13
Starters: All WSA teams racing with registered Nordic breed sled dogs of the breeds : Siberian husky, Alaskan malamute, Samoyed and Greenland dog with FCI accept pedigree.
SPRINT 24th to 26th TRAIL
SW/SM 12 km
SJW/SJM 12 km
D1/2 6 km
C1/2 8 km
B1/2 12 km
A 18 km
O 18 km

JUNIOR mushers are at the age of 12 to 15 Years. (§2.1.6 and 2.1.7) JUNIOR classes are D classes and Skijoring. JUNIOR classes run over D-trail.

DISTANCED 23th to 25th TRAIL *see below
DS 35 km
DL (DL1 & DL2) 35 km
DU (DU1 & DU2) 35 km

*As per WSA Board decision the Distance Championship will be held as follows. With a prolog on the 23rd of 18 Km and 2 heats 24th and 25th at appr. 35 Km each. Using the “O” trail with a loop-in to make 35 Km.

Hornet sleds are permitted in Distance DL and DU classes. Must be able to transport equipment plus dog.

Time Disqualification ( § 7.8 ) will be in effect for ALL Classes and categories



  1. In countries with a WSA member organization, all participants must be registered via said member organization. The WSA member organizations are advised by the WSA Board to find and establish provisions to allows musher with registered Nordic Breed teams from other ESDRA organizations in the country to participate. If needed, WSA will extend the contigent for any country to accommodate the countries requirements for the national team.
  2. In countries not having a national WSA membership organization, the musher may register as individual starters and/or the national ESDRA member organization may register individual starters for the event.
  3. The WSA Board reserves the right to invite additional starters from any country.
Starting fee: National Teams /WSA/ESDRA
EUR 80,- / participant
EUR 90,- / participant
Registration: ONLY ONLINE REGISTRATION www.sleddog.sk
Latest by 10.02.2012: Only teamleader can do online registration, because only temaleader will then receive a password to the system. All Juniors must be marked „J“ at the Entry form.
Registration fees: Starting fees to be paid by 12.02.2012 to:
Beneficiary : ZO SZTS Askino Slovakia Alfa
Bank : UniCredit Bank Slovakia
IBAN : SK5611110000001391008011
Information for Beneficiary : W.C.2012Remitter pay all charges. Remitter writte to Details of charges – OURParticipant is only permitted if starting fee have been paid to Benefiriary account. After this payment Remitter receive confirmation email that his registration is accepted and will be automatically registered in the start list with starting number. This confirmation receive Teamleader.
Race confirmation: Monday, 20. February 2012, 12:00 hrs
Race info: Bernd Keusemann, Racemarshal, Phone +49 171 2740500
Email : berndkeusemann@visiplex.deSilvia Kleinova, Raceorganizer
Email : askinoslovakia@gmail.com
Web: www.sleddog.sk
Tourist info: Tourist information office Zuberec
Tel. / Fax. +421 43 5395 197 +421 903 548 080
Email : tik@zuberec.sktik@zuberec.sk
Web : www.zuberec.sk
Veterinary info: All teams must have liability insurance, EU home animal passport with vaciination report for each dog according to EC regulation 998/2003. Dogs must have micro chip.
Attention: Doping control and procedures as per WADA regulations which are accepted by the WSA.

Stake out area will be open from Sunday, 19. February 2012 Participants who will be parking in stake out area inside museum , can not leave with cars stake out area throughout the event. Only if necessary with the permission of the organizer.

At stake out areas will be not possible connected to electricity. Each participant must have its own power supply / generator.

Наша команда на Чемпионате Мира WSA 2012

SJW 1/1 (Skijoring, 1 dog, all four sled dog breeds, 12km, women)

#BIB Name Country

25. Anna Kozlova Russia

35. Anastasia Kulygina Russia

SJM 1/1 (Skijoring, 1 dog, all four sled dog breeds, 12km, men)

#BIB Name Country

26. Mikhail Kozlov Russia

36. Alexander Kulygin Russia

D1 (2 Siberian Husky dogs, 6km)

#BIB Name Country
1 24. Alexander Alexandrov Russia
2 29. Alexey Tarazanov Russia
3 31. Maria Denshchikova Russia
4 32. Elena Lagno Russia

D2 (2 Samoyed, Alaskan Malamute or Greenland dogs, 6km)

#BIB Name Country
1 28. Pavel Otbetkin Russia

B1 (5-6 Siberian Husky dogs, 12km)

#BIB Name Country

23. Elena Shepeleva Russia

A (7-8 Siberian Husky dogs, Samoyed, Alaskan Malamute or Greenland dogs, 18km)

#BIB Name Country
1 2. Onno de Jong Netherlands
2 6. Roderick Glastra Netherlands
3 14. Lazaro Martínez Sonsona Spain
4 15. Benz Michael Switzerland - SSK


DS (Pulka class, 1-4 dogs or/and Skijoring 1-2 dogs, 35km)

#BIB Name Country
1 30. Ceda Milisavljevich Russia

SJW 1/2 (Skijoring, 1 dog, Alaskan Malamut, Samoyed, Greenland dogs only, 12km, women)

#BIB Name Country
1 33. Svetlana Volkova Russia

SJM 1/2 (Skijoring, 1 dog, Alaskan Malamut, Samoyed, Greenland dogs only, 12km men )

#BIB Name Country
1 27. Alexander Nesterov Russia
2 34. Dmitriy Zhukov Russia

Mushers program

Monday 20. Feb 2012

Opening of the stake out area


Thuesday 21 Feb 2012

10am – 4pm Vet-Check (all teams must be present)


Wednesday 22 Feb 2012

3pm Closing the Stake out area
9am – 4pm Vet-Check (all teams must be present)
5pm Team leaders meeting.  Distribution of start bibs


Thursday 23 Feb 2012

12am Start of I. Heat  - MID
7pm Opening ceremony WSA World Sled Dog Championship 
(centrum of Zuberec village)


Friday 24 Feb 2012

Start of MID II. Heat, Start of Sprint I. Heat (area in Museum of the Orava Vilage area)
11am – 3pm Entertainment activities and events in the area
6pm Team leaders meeting
7.30pm Lucian Očkovský – Greenland Through my Eyes
(in the tent at the stake out area)


Saturday 25 Feb 2012

Start MID  III. Heat, Start of Sprint II. Heat (area in Museum of the Orava Vilage area)
11am – 3pm Entertainment activities and events in the area
6pm Team leaders meeting
7pm Musher evening in the tent at the stake area out with music


Sunday 26 Feb 2012

Start of Sprint  III. Heat (area in Museum of the Orava Vilage area)
11am – 5pm Entertainment activities and events in the area
5pm Winner celebration (in the tent at the stake out area)